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  1. FierceDeityLink Jul 06, 2012

    Megaman is so awesome

    i will like this group


  2. Shadowgirl Apr 27, 2012

    I like Megaman and Roll (if she is in this one)

  3. melymay Nov 17, 2009

    Hello beta14, welcome to the group :)

  4. beta14 Nov 06, 2009 new hi....

  5. melymay Feb 14, 2009

    Intense wallpaper.

  6. Rayl Jan 26, 2009

    Fight For Justice by Rayl

    New Zero & X wallpaper!

  7. melymay Nov 01, 2008

    You are more than welcome to.

  8. seabook Oct 30, 2008

    Whoaa, maverick hunters!
    Can i join?

  9. melymay Aug 19, 2008

    Sorry for the late reply -_-

    But, we'll be glad to look at your work ^_^

  10. Guilt-na-Zan Jul 10, 2008

    glad to know that im not going to have to talk to myself all the time anyway i'll try and submit something at some point i need to finish my drawings

  11. LordEndervonHellsing Jun 27, 2008

    Incredible, somtheing is moving! Welcome to the group, and have a nice stay. As you can see, there is not too much of movement, even though the game seems quite popular. Welcome again :). I can't express how glad I am that someone else is here ^^.

  12. melymay Jun 23, 2008

    Welcome to the group :)

  13. Guilt-na-Zan Jun 07, 2008

    hi im new and i love these games! although mostly because zero is in them but i like to play the games even if he's not. anyways im still looking around at all the stuff this site has but ill try to check back often.

  14. melymay Sep 03, 2007

    Welcome to the group rlomnpwr :)

    merged: 01-04-2008 ~ 12:20pm
    Welcome to Maverick Hunters, LINGENFELTER ^_^

  15. LordEndervonHellsing Jun 15, 2007

    Yeah :). That's why I'm still planning to revive the group, no matter what. I guess I just will sweep through the people that made Megaman one of their favorites ;).

  16. melymay Jun 13, 2007

    But there are members that don't submitt anything in the galleries. I was like that for a while...

  17. LordEndervonHellsing Jun 13, 2007

    Yeah, any fans of Megaman (where else would you hunt Mavericks ;)?). I will try to find some new members on my own, but I dubt I will find any, since I already swept through gallery...

  18. melymay Jun 11, 2007

    No prob ^^ I'll invite any megaman lovers i can find ... this is what this group is for, isn't it? o_O

  19. LordEndervonHellsing Jun 11, 2007

    Awesome! Thanks. Now I will really have to think of getting some new members...

  20. melymay May 21, 2007

    Sorry, but the group UP will have to wait until next Sunday. I was, unfortunately and unusually, busy this weekend ^_^'

    merged: 05-29-2007 ~ 11:14am
    Forgive me.. Now I must put the page on hold for about 2 weeks.. Sorry for the inconvenience -_-

    merged: 06-11-2007 ~ 05:58am
    Viola! I'm finished :)

  21. LordEndervonHellsing May 03, 2007

    And we will surely appreciate it :). Too bad no one from other people that I invited came...

  22. Rayl Apr 30, 2007

    Haha ^^; Well i'm glad i can give out hope to you all ;p

    Seriously though i'll post something here whenever i can make a Megaman wall worth posting here.

  23. LordEndervonHellsing Apr 19, 2007

    Welcome back :). We're still waiting for more members to come, then we will start so,me action again ^^.

  24. MMZero Apr 19, 2007

    Glad to see the group up and running again...


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